Ullah’s fate is in the Old Bailey criminal court hands

October 15/2016

Old Bailey criminal court hands A man has been remanded in custody and is to appear before the Old Bailey criminal court in London this month.

Britain, which is known to behave illegally with regard to online liberties and privacy, is ready to make us ‘stare’ again. The importance of maintenance of order has never been doubted. However, it’s not a secret to anyone that sometimes a law can act counter your wishes.

A man, who has been mentioned earlier, named Ullah has been charged for encryption usage instructions he gave to a person preparing terrorism. Also, it has been stated that another charge associated with amplification of instructions on encryption usage he has placed on his blog.

All this resembles a sad spectacle due to the web-wide usage of encryption for providing better security to users. As Ullah’s fate is in the state hands, we are to tell once again that your anonymity and privacy are no less important than security.

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