October 04/2016

You have probably noticed that our lives have become partly digital. We have transferred a good deal of our duty and possibilities to the Internet. But it’s hardly possible that you have ever thought about your further data usage. We want to consider just a few potential customers of your browser traces and data further usage.

The most obvious example is our apps demands. Each time you install a new application, it demands access to some of your data on the device and if you want the app to work well, you permit the access. But you should be extremely attentive, sometimes the apps have nothing to do with our Gmails but they do demand an access.

Another threat comes from our ISPs. The thing is that some country laws force their providers to save some metadata or even more detailed record of user activities. This data can be easily used against your will one day. It’s also known that third parties sell the data on their users and, what is even worse, some of the companies are obliged to reveal all the stored data to some third parties. In addition, in order to get some more details about their potential consumers, some companies collect such data, as your gender, to send you appropriate advertisements.

As you see there are lots of those who eager to have our sensitive data. It’s not surprising that most users agree they have lost control over their information collecting and sharing while different companies and ISPs continue saving information on their users. One may think it’s unwise of these companies to store such data, but still it does exist and there is hardly anything to do for stopping it. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your online life for not being traced and disturbed by endless advertisements.

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