October 08/2016

While spending a lot of our time surfing the Internet, we should think about our online protection. The number of cyber crimes grows each year and we should look at our online work habits from the perspective of our future.

Thus, “Stop.Think.Connect” campaign is being promoted by Homeland Security and NCSA as a part of ‘October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month’. The campaign is aimed for encouraging good online safety habits. There are three simple steps, according to NCSA recommendations, one can take for maintaining online security:

  • Firstly, you should stop and think that security measures have been taken by you.
  • Then you are recommended to think about the consequences your online behavior can have.
  • And eventually, if both the demands are met, you can connect to the Internet and enjoy your network.

Also the move members have asked Americans to enforce their passwords and loggings in a new ‘Lock Down Your Logging’ campaign. The American users are recommended to use effective authentication tools and one-time code on mobile devices. The move is of an extreme importance due to stepped-up online identity thefts and cyber-attacks enlargement. For our part, we recommend you to take some more reliable measures, such as VPN for the US. As the Internet usage is being enlarged, you should take care of your security.

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