Should You Get A MPLS VPN Or Is A VPN Good Enough?

December 01/2015

Should You Get A MPLS VPN Or Is A VPN Good Enough?The internet is providing us with instant access to an abundance of information, retail stores, institutions and much more. Access to these facilities has greatly shaped the world as we know it today and has greatly improved our range of knowledge. The bad part about the internet is that everything you do online can be monitored. This includes your private online conversation, online activities and just about anything you download. It is scary to think that someone out there could have access to everything you do if they just put in a little effort.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is usually provided by a service provider that creates you a secure network. These networks function with encryption software so your online activities will be shielded and so no one will be able to tell what you are downloading. VPN is also hiding your IP address so others will not be able to hack into your systems and steal confidential information. You can conduct all your online activities through a VPN including accessing all websites, sharing information and downloading files and torrents. VPNs function as a one to one link between two points of the network. 

What is a MPLS VPN?

These services function a lot the same as VPN services with one great difference. The data that you send or receive over the internet is sent or received at a much higher speed due to the different construction method of MPLS VPNs and due to the differences in software.

Which to get?

MPLS VPNs only major advantage is the data transferring speed. It uses basically the same security and encryption protocols,but is quite expensive. VPNs can provide you with the same serves at a slightly slower speed which is still quite fast enough for most users.

How to find the best VPN services?

ExpressVPN, PureVPN and IPVanish are the three leading VPNs that are available in various countries across the globe. These VPNs are fantastic for travelers and those who want to enjoy great speeds and a secure network. HideMyAss and Overplay are some of the best VPNs for those who want to access sites that are restricted in their location. And no, when we say restricted, it does not necessarily mean illegal. Some countries like China and Saudi Arabia even restricted social media sties which are quite horrid for separated families and friends who can only communicate through these mediums. PureVPN and StrongVPN are alsosome fantastic solutions for individuals who want an affordable and reliable network that will keep their personal information and online activities safe and secure at all times. 

It is important for people to protect their online activities because through the internet, even your private phone calls can be monitored and all online activities can be held in court against you, should you be charged for holding illegal content or for accessing sites that are restricted. VPNs can also greatly improve business functions because employees can access confidential information without putting this information at risk on the internet.

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