Mind Your Eye! The Latest Android Versions Contain Vulnerable Exploit

August 19/2016

Android versions above 4.4 KitKat contain insecure exploit”. — This statement was made by Lookout company experts who work at the cybersecurity industry. According to the expert’s data, about 80 % of Android users are under the risk of losing data safety which has been provoked by this exploit.

The security flaw lets a hacker intercept traffic that passes over a network. For this purpose a hacker needs to know data sender and receiver IP-addresses. According to Lookout estimates, all devices that work at Linux 3.6 platform (Android 4.4 KitKat and above) are vulnerable. Generally, it’s about 79, 9% of Android-devices or one and a half thousand million smartphones.

In spite of the fact that the problem extends, it doesn’t endanger with mass attacks. It’s not so easy to use the flaw, but if a hacker’s aim is to get your smartphone traffic this exploit will help him to get things done. Lookout has found out the problem is solved in the latest updating for Linux. But it still has place in Android updating. Google is likely to change the situation for the better in the short run.

How to deal with your data safety?

You should use security encryption methods. If you share critically important information with this or that website make sure encryption protocol HTTPS is used there. To be completely safe from online hackers you can use VPN service. Click the link and you will find all the information about best VPN services you need.

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