Internet Spies and How to Block Them from Your System

February 01/2016

Internet Spies and How to Block Them from Your SystemAcross the globe more and more individuals are being arrested for the content that they have on their computers or downloaded at a certain time. During investigations it became clear that these internet spies had full access to their computer, including detailed private conversations on Skype, blog articles, browsing history and torrents that was downloaded. These internet spies had access to almost more information than the users had themselves through the use of the Spyfiles that was launched in 2012. 

What about our human rights?

It is illegal for other people to read personal conversations on your phone, tap into your landline or add hidden cameras in your home because it greatly conflicts with your personal rights. Only police officials are permitted these rights and only when a warrant is extended that calls for an investigation. But now your entire computer database is hacked without you ever even realizing it and more and more people are crying out that it is against their human rights. Despite these questions and queries, these launching firms only pull up their shoulders and claim that they did not know that the software would be used to target internet users. Even those who are supposed to have freedom of speech, such as bloggers and journalists are now suffering under this regimen and are targeted for certain articles that they wrote.

How you can enjoy protection from spyware

VPN services are fantastic for improving the security of your online activities, whether you are actually downloading illegal content or simply want protection for your personal content and conversations. The VPN service providers like ExpressVPN, PureVPN and StrongVPN hides your computers IP address so those who are searching through the internet and who are using the Spyfiles to scan for misconduct will be traced to your VPN service provider but won’t have access to your personal identity. Usually your VPN will then inform you that you are at risk and should discontinue your current online activities or they might issue a warning to you. These warnings are still much better than a full on arrest followed by a bucket load of charges and lawsuits against you. VPN service providers like VyprVPN and IPVanish allows you to download torrents but won’t allow anyone to be able to view what you are downloading and it also provides a secure network for you on the public internet so you and your confidential information will be kept safe at all times.

Is there a future for internet freedom?

The internet was designed to provide freedom to all for information sharing and to provide all cultures and nations with access to content that they are in need of or have a desire to view, but unless you have enrolled with VPN services, you are highly likely to be targeted by these cyber police who will access all your private conversations, even if you are not exactly guilty. Some governments did try to negotiate the surveillance technology by holding the Wassenaar Arrangement as an example, but unfortunately did not put these negotiations into force and thus each and every internet user is currently still vulnerable and should invest in a good quality VPN service provider like HideMyAss or Overplay.

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