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September 22/2016

It is obvious that Internet has brought plenty of possibilities to our lives. Hardly anyone can imagine his life without Internet today. Let’s take, for example, one working day of a woman:

  • having woken up she listens to news report on ABC News;
  • while getting the breakfast ready she watches her favorite ‘Grey’s Anatomy’;
  • when walking to work she uses Wi-Fi hotspot on the subway;
  • while working she connects to the Internet for her job and during the lunch hour she uses the hotspot connection at Starbucks;
  • when going home she orders some products online and makes online payment;
  • having come home she uses the Internet for her personal needs.

It can be concluded that we can’t break a habit called the Internet. And everything would take its course if there wasn’t one problem. The problem is the most discussed topic today. We are talking about Internet threats. There are plenty of them starting from hacker attacks, computer fraudulence, fishing companies, government eavesdropping, malware and finishing with other troubles that we can come across while networking. In order to provide your sensitive data with high level of defense you need to take some measures. But some of the measures have been already taken by websites owner. Yes, we are talking about HTTPS protocol.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS IS A NEW SOLUTION FOR YOUR SECURITY As you now from surfing the Internet each address line of websites starts with protocol register, for example http://nameofthewebsite.smth, where http:// is a protocol that is used for data transmission via the Internet.

Today https:// is more frequent in browser’s address line and it’s also colored green. When you see https:// before the website name you should know that the website is supported by a new secure protocol HTTPS where letter ‘S’ stands for security. Unfortunately, not all websites have come across to HTTPS. Therefore you can use a special extension for your browser, which is known as HTTPS Everywhere. This extension checks all the websites you want to visit and sorts those, which use https protocol.

So, look at your web addresses attentively and you will make one more measure for your protection while being online.

Why should I use websites with HTTPS?

There is no prize for guessing. Of course, using HTTPS you increase your level of network security. The matter is that when you connect to the server that hosts your favorite website all the traffic is opened for any third party interference. So, you can imagine what consequences such connection can have. Supposing that you make online payment your money not only your confidential information can be stolen too.

To avoid this HTTPS protocol is used by many websites. The protocol creates a defense with the help of CA, which is highly difficult to fake. So, with this protocol your sensitive Internet traffic is under additional protection.

But as well as any other outstanding invention the protocol is not ideal either. The trouble is that some governments can issue false certificate and get access to some of your sensitive data, which can be very troublesome. Here comes another reliable solution, which doesn’t let you down.

Having been used by business companies and corporations, today the technology is used by many individual users. Certainly, we are talking about the best VPN. A good service is known to hide your true address and create a secure tunneling, passing through which all your sensitive data turns to be encrypted. What is still better, a reliable VPN provider keeps no logging or metadata, which enhances your anonymity a lot. There are also such services that run their servers independently and accept different payment methods, including the most anonymous that win universal confidence. While summarizing it must be noted once again that nobody except you will care of your privacy, security and anonymity. That’s why in order to protect your confidential information you should think about precautionary measures.

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