How To Keep Your Online Activities Secure This Holiday Season

December 17/2015

How To Keep Your Online Activities Secure This Holiday SeasonThe holidays are merry seasons filled with laughter, giving and family. It is also the season that probably cost you the most for decorations, fancy dinners and great gifts. Like you, everyone suffers through this time financially, which is probably why the crime rates are so high during this season. Hey, criminals also want a glorious holiday season. It is important for you to be on your tippy toes when it comes to your personal and confidential information so you don’t end up getting robbed during this joyous time.  

Strengthen your passwords

Most people will use passwords that they are likely to never forget. These passwords usually include a child’s name, address or date of birth. The problem with using passwords like these is the fact that people can easily guess them, especially if they know you. If you are using short or common passwords, then it is time to strengthen them up a bit so they contain a mixture of symbols, capitals, lower case letters and numbers. These mixed passwords are the most difficult to figure out and will provide added security to your accounts.

Don’t shop from public computers

Online shopping is a great way to get all the gifts you need without having to travel or overspend, but you should never shop online from an internet café because you can never be sure that the connection is secure or if there are some hidden cameras that can spot your account details. Web browsing history can also leave a trail if you accidently set the browser to remember your passwords. Stay secure this season and shop from a personal computer on a secure internet connection.

Get a VPN for ultimate security

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) provide users with greater security when they use the internet. A VPN creates a secure tunnel that will encrypt your online activities and keep your IP address safe, so online hackers will not be able to log onto your network and steal your data or valuable account information. VPNs like ExpressVPN, PureVPN and IPVanish are specially developed to provide you with secure internet access on multiple devices such as smartphones, tabs and desktop computers. Other top VPNs like PureVPN, HideMYAss, StrongVPN and Overplay, not only protects your account, but also provide you with greater internet freedom so you can access websites that are restricted in your area without putting yourself at risk. VPNs hide your IP address so your online activities will not be monitored and thus provide you with great protection.

Identify secure websites

A lot of computer hackers will send you an email with an insecure link that is an exact duplicate of your bank account or online shopping account and request you to log into this account. What you don’t realize is that they then steal your username and password so they can access your real account and steal your money or buy items on your name. You should always ensure that the website you use is secure by checking out the first part of the site. Http:// sites are insecure sites. Only Https:// sites are one hundred percent legit.

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