How to Bypass the Great Firewall in China?

December 07/2015

How to Bypass the Great Firewall in China?Most of Chinas online users were devastated with the launch of the Great Firewall. This software security protocol was launched to help protect China and its individuals,but instead it is causing a lot of havoc with internet users. This online censorship is blocking a lot of majorly popular sites such as Facebook and Gmail. Users had to say goodbye to a lot of information on their accounts and a lot of long term friends whom they are no longer able to communicate with. The Great Firewall is also blocking out a lot of VPNs which is making it terribly difficult for users to bypass the system so they can regain their internet freedom or perhaps just enjoy a private conversation that is not accessible by the online censorship.

VPNs that are still active

Only top rated VPNs such as ExpressVPN, VyprVPN and IPVanish is currently still operational in China due to their supreme encryption software and security protocols that helps to shield individuals from the Great Firewall. Other VPNs like Overplay and HideMyAss are also still operational and have advanced software that can provide individuals with access to these restricted sites so they can once again access their accounts or chat with friends that have been blocked. PureVPN and StrongVPN are also some terrific VPNs that are currently still active and can provide Chinese citizens with great download speeds for torrents without the threat of being censored by the Great Firewall.

Why it is important to have internet freedom?

VPNs are some of the few networks that allow you to hide your personal conversations, online activities and download from wide internet. Without a VPN, you can fall victim to internet hackers and to the cyber police who will have instant access to every single conversation you ever had on Skype, emails and online chat sites. The worst part about not having internet freedom is that the Chinese are kept from opportunities and no longer have access to advanced technologies and information in the world which is placing the entire country at a major disadvantage.

Find the best VPN

Before you decide on a VPN service, you might want to find out if they are active in China or you might not have access to any websites from China. If you are from China then you need to locate a top rated VPN that is still active so you can once again enjoy great internet freedom and security. You should have a look at the top VPNs with free trials so you can try their services and extensions and get a good indication on whether it will conflict with the Great Firewall. You should also check the service provider’s reviews to establish if the services are good and if the customers are taken care off through great customer care services. You should only choose the most secure VPNs with the greatest security and encryption protocols or you might end up being censored despite your efforts.

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