The hardened version of browser is to be created by Tor team

October 24/2016

The hardened version of browser is to be created by Tor team While the disputes between companies presenting different standpoints are being continued, new developments are set about to prevent vulnerable data accessibility. Thus the FBI is known to have decrypted data of any users involved into outlawed activities. When speaking about online privacy, Tor is regarded as the best tool for it. However, according to the latest research, there seems to be malware possible to explore bugs in Firefox.

In this regard an impenetrable browser is being created by the team to enhance the users’ privacy. Such innovative technology as anti-hacking is to be built into the browser, which is to prevent the government from interference into private lives. Known as Selfrando technique, which is created to protect against any browser vulnerabilities, will make it impossible to use the malware for decryption. The matter is that the memory leaks, which are used by adversaries to reuse the code libraries, are to be secured from. The new internal code is to be very hard to exploit. The new Tor browser is stated to be supplied with these techniques.

It is obvious that all these improvements serve as indication of governments’ inability to get access to any private data. Although the government has stated that it is already too challenging for them to get information about lawbreakers’ online activities, the Internet companies continue standing out. Such as there were it’s always better to hold your own and find those solutions that meet your needs in network protection.

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