Hacker attacks UA database


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September 09/2016

There was a security attack at University of Alaska about a month ago. The news was concealed from society, but only this week it has been eventually revealed.

Human factor hasn’t taken the last place. The fact of the matter is that one student having put up relations with one of the university employees has broken the university data by using the employee’s login. It is also mentioned in the deal that the employee has given his data of his volition.

In the base there are more than 5.400 students’ social security numbers. The investigators have reassured the university employees and students that all the information is unaffected. The hacker hasn’t even accessed the data. The UA spokesman has announced that it took time to make sure that no information from UA base was stolen that is why the news has appeared only this week.

The kind of cases’ precedents has already been come across. And all we remember them. Some of us even use the products of the attack cases when hacking has lead to good consequences. But one can dislike the look of absence of obvious reasons why the student has committed the attack.

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