Google has rewritten a major privacy policy

October 26/2016

Google has rewritten a major privacy policy Have you noticed that a major privacy policy was changed by Google a month ago? It’s normal that you haven’t, as nobody practically has. The reason is that the actions violating users’ privacy that have been committed earlier have just acquired legitimacy.

Everyone knows that users’ privacy was promised to be protected by Google for ten years as personally identifiable information was separated from web-browsing records. But in June of the year a new policy, which states that users’ activities on other sites are to be associated with their personal data, has been taken. Known as a company collecting data on users with the help of cookies, DoubleClick was bought by Google in 2007 and today one of the main Internet companies of the world assures that it doesn’t sell any personal information on its users. Yes, but what about this ad-serving company that sends us personalized ads, according to our tastes and genders?

So, probably the changes in the policy won’t affect our consciousness so much, but if talking about the omnipresent ads and even more precise personification, few people can stay in a quiescent state. Maybe the only reasonable way out from the situation is to subscribe to a VPN service that is to make your network not only protected from data collecting on you, but also from the personalized ads.

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