Foxconn’s Android phones contain a limited backdoor

October 17/2016

Foxconn’s Android phones contain a limited backdoor Before buying a new device try to receive particulars of the gadget and its system. Sometimes, even being a cautious user mistakes can be made. In such a manner according to Jon Sawyer, an expert in the sphere of online security, some Foxconn’s Android phones contain a limited backdoor. The vulnerability is clear to allow attackers rooting phones they have.

A bootloader code protects your telephone file system against uncontrolled system changes. So, the bootloader code can be used by attackers to wielding appropriate software. Moreover, as it has been stated by the experts, the vulnerability gives adversaries a possibility to access to the system without authentication.

It has been also revealed that not only this model but many other devices contain the backdoor code too. Thus brute forcing encryption keys or unlocking the boot loader can be committed without resetting user data. Being a USB compromise, which doesn’t require any logon access to the device, the vulnerability, also known as ‘pork explosion’, poses the risk of being hacked evidently.

Phone vendors are stated to have been unaware of the backdoor, which was placed into the gadgets. It is known that Google Android’s security team and Nextbit have been given a warning from the expert concerning the breach. Conscious people deny such vulnerabilities presence in up-to-date gadgets and technological products, because probably one of the most important criteria for Internet usage today is security.

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