A. Forte asserts Tor users’ rights to ‘legal’ anonymity

October 28/2016

A. Forte asserts Tor users’ rights to ‘legal’ anonymity More and more researchers tend to conduct exploration in the sphere of violation of rights and freedoms on the Internet. As it has been reported, online anonymity discussions are known to be typically dominated by those who abuse it to confront others. Therefore an anonymous Tor browser is frequently attached to something criminal, drug associated and illegal. Whereas in contrast the ability to hide their online identity is a vital necessity for some customers. According to the latest studies in the question of Tor usage, people surf the net by using the tool to avoid rape threats, job loss, harassments and etc. Andrea Forte, the leader of the research, has stated that people risk losing the Tor customers’ voices and perspectives, as they need to stay anonymous online due to many reasonable factors.

More than that, it has been stated in the work that people working collaboratively, like writing articles for Wikipedia, strive to stay anonymous to hide their true identities due to different fears. Some of the respondents writing for Wikipedia are feared of losing their job. One of the writers has received a death threat and cares about his partner’s life. One of the same cases has happened to a political activist that was severely bitten at his home once for publishing an article. The research called “Privacy, Anonymity, and Perceived Risk in Open Collaboration: A Study of Tor Users and Wikipedians” is going to be presented at a conference in Oregon in 2017 by Forte.

The question of rights and freedoms on the Internet is the most complicated and challenging issue of today, as there are essential argument from different points of view. You get to choose whether to take up this or an opposite attitude. But your online protection depends on you and methods you apply for it. If you want to deepen your knowledge in security sphere, look here.

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