Five things you haven’t known about China

September 26/2016

It’s an open secret that China is an amazing country with lots of sights and wild gardens which attracts tourists from all over the world. Nevertheless, we can’t call it totally hospitable due to some of its peculiarities you might have heard before. Having ordered your tickets and booked a hotel don’t forget about some extra travel arrangements:

1. You have supposedly heard that Google is blocked in China. That means that when you try to access to Google Maps or Gmail you aren’t successful. In order to check your email or find something in the map you’d better make it prior to travelling to China.

2. In fact all your favorite social nets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are banned in China too. This is the case when you aren’t able to post your new photos or communicate with your friends and relatives. The only way you can make it in China is by using Skype, which is known to work well there.

3. Moreover, some apps don’t work in China either. Such apps like Google Play, Store, Gmail, Maps, and News are blocked by the government agencies in China. More than that, such messengers as WhatsApp and Telegram are blocked in China as well.

4. In addition, while being in Chine you are cut from news resources you use in your country. The New York Times, The Economist are inaccessible in China. Many pages of Wikipedia are blocked there too.

5. If you like watching movies you need to know that most streaming services like Netflix and YouTube are banned in China. Thus you are unable to access to the streaming services while being on a trip.

Having read the five statements of the article, you will probably decide to put the travelling to China aside. But don’t jump to conclusions! Today when the market of services is full of different protective technologies for your network, there is one reliable service that may save you from being isolated from your favorite resources. The solution is a good VPN service, which helps you avoid any restrictions. With the help of a good service you will forget about any censorship in China and enjoy to the full your adventures.

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