Encryption is a proven method for your network protection


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November 02/2016

Encryption is a proven method for your network protection Retrieving some of your personal information for using it against you is an adversaries’ primary target. Hence, your network needs a thoughtful protection. Even the data being shared with your friends is vulnerable when sending it on the Internet as it’s a public ‘place’, where it is hard to stay private. Therefore, a balance between security and privacy should be found.

For this very reason, encryption is known as the best defense against such invasions. Encryption providers are centered on security and privacy of their clients, that’s exactly why the most reliable of them don’t give away your encrypted data even when being forced and keep no other metadata that can bring your activities out. Nevertheless, some of the distributors provide the so-called ‘backdoors’ to intelligence agencies in order to have access to your encrypted materials. An alter code or an alternative code are usually used for that purpose.

Even being confident in that you ‘have nothing to hide’, the fact doesn’t remove your network from online threats faced each day by multiple customers. Such simple rules as system and programs’ updating and applying a useful antivirus are to prevent your network from various threats. Furthermore, while looking for your network defense, you can subscribe to a high-quality VPN, which is to make everything possible while giving you a chance to experience what a secure and free access to the Internet means.

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