Dr. Vigna has won $100 000 from Google for his security research

October 22/2016

Dr. Vigna has won $100 000 from Google for his security research It will be laudable for people to do just like these progressively thinking guys from California have done. Giovanni Vigna has won $100k from Google for his in-depth security investigation.

Regardless the existing tangled situation, dozens of papers (200 works) are known to have been co-published by the specialist including such themes as Android, networking, and web-based attacks. Logic bombs’ (Android malware) disclosure has been introduced this year by Giovanni and his team. The threat is considered to compromise devices and is operated by advanced specialists including state actors.

To solve the problem Gerscope, a prototype platform, has been produced by the team that detects all the hidden bombs. The tool is in supreme advance among the competitors. International Security Lab, which is a security research house, is run by the team involving Dr. Vigna, Dr. Engin Kirda and others.

According to Dr. Vigna, today’s major Internet companies’ culture allows the developers to ship insecure codes. Ever-changing threat landscape is to be passed away only through innovations acceptance.

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