The Cyber Grand Challenge demonstrates creators’ interest in cyber-security

October 18/2016

The Cyber Grand Challenge demonstrates creators’ interest in cyber-security Using multiple gadgets each day we dismiss a possibility of fallout. It is too naïve feel protected and free while being online. According to the latest estimates, the internet-of-things will be popularized up to twenty billion by 2020. Social services are supposed to be made smarter and more efficient. This sounds good but every stick has two ends.

The negative side of the issue is that global technological advancement will give cyber attackers a chance to broaden the sphere of their influence. Not far ago we couldn’t imagine smartTVs or fridges, today we have it all. Taking into account a possibility to lose control over our sensitive data, an average user will be in a constant chase of protection.

For this very reason ‘online safeness’ should be taken by the developers as the main formula for successful result. The Cyber Grand Challenge has been launched with millions of dollars in prize money by Darpa and Mr. Walker for creating a contest in the sphere. In this regard essentially smart software robots are to be created by the contesters to find any device’s vulnerability and repair it.

Stepped-up security is known to become vivid after the Darpa-sponsored competition when researches for level 3 communications declared a vulnerability that launched attacks on the websites from connected devices. Million gadgets are considered to harass for botnet attacks.

After the contest was announced in 2013, more than one hundred teams were in the contest. Human expertise in combination with computer security were regarded during the competition. As a result, automated ‘cybersecurity systems’ were integrated with different software techniques. A team from ForAllSecure won the first place ($2 million) and its Mayhem (cyberreasoning software) won an annual hacker competition.

The Challenge has demonstrated that technologies are being developed and cyber security is one of the main issues of the creators looking for protecting people from cyber attacks. This is good news if taking into account the increased level of online threats.

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