Choose A VPN That Use the Best Protocols

December 19/2015

Choose A VPN That Use the Best ProtocolsWhen you are looking for a VPN service, the top things that you usually look at are, affordability, experience, service, security and reliability. It is important to research the available VPNs properly so you won’t get stuck with insufficient protection for your online activities. One of the most important deciding factors that most people overlook is the protocols that VPNs use. VPN protocols are incredibly important and should definitely be kept in consideration when you decide on a VPN service. A VPN can offer brilliant service but if they do not use the right VPN protocols, their security is very likely to be insufficient.

What is a VPN protocol?

A VPN protocol is basically a secure tunnel that gets created over the public internet that provides users with security. This tunnel prevents hackers from accessing your network so you can retrieve and send data through the tunnel without putting confidential information at risk. The tunnel also helps protect your online activities because it provides encryption services that will keep cyber spies from monitoring your conversations, downloads and activities. The four major VPN protocols used are the PPTP protocol, the L2TP protocol, the IPSec protocol and SSL protocol. 

PPTP protocol

The Point-To-Point Tunneling is the most popular VPN protocol due to benefits such as easy configuration and simple management. This protocol was developed by Microsoft and allows you to send data to several remote destinations. PPTP’s quality was recently updated and now provides much greater safety and is now considered to be the best protocol for clients who want to stream content. StrongVPN is a highly rated VPN that uses this protocol. 


The Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol was created by combining PPTP and L2F protocols. This protocol was created by Microsoft and Cisco and also functions by creating a secure tunnel for online activities. This protocol offers the safety that PPTP protocols offer, but provides protection during the tunneling time which provides replay security. Some of the most popular VPNs like PureVPN, VyprVPN, Overplay and IPVanish use the PPTP & L2TP protocol.  


IPSecurity can be used on its own or along with L2TP which means you can enjoy the same advantages that you get from L2TP, but IPSec provides an extra security layer. This model is created for IP traffic, but it is quite expensive and could cause delays in the network.


Secured Socket Layer is the only protocol that does not require VPN software to connect VPN clients. SSL uses a web browser and is developed for Windows by Microsoft. OpenVPN is also an SSL protocol, but functions on other devices. ExpressVPN & HideMyAss added OpenVPN protocols to their tunneling for greater security. 

The best decision you can make when choosing the right VPN service for you isto consider their ratings and protocols. You can look at some of the highest rated VPNs, find out about the protocols they use so you can establish their level of security and then choose the package that suits the best to your budget. 

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