Best VPNs For Unblocking Twitter

July 05/2016

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It’s almost a daily communication necessity, and is an invaluable tool during important events. However, this popularity and accessibility of Twitter has also worked against it. Twitter spreads information rapidly and almost indiscriminately. While people love this feature, some governments do not. Nor do some employers, who see Twitter as an enabler of laziness and procrastination.

Why Does Twitter Get Blocked?

There are three main ways tweets get blocked: censorship by Twitter itself, government censorship, and blocking by private network owners like your employer or school. Twitter censors content that it may deem inappropriate or criminal. For example, Twitter blocked all content that depicted the beheading of the journalist James Foley by ISIS in 2014. It’s largely up to the company to define what it considers inappropriate and censor such content.

However, Twitter may also heed some government requests to block tweets that may offend an official. Twitter recently suspended tweets featuring parodies of Russian President Vladimir Putin upon request by the Kremlin. Some governments may also block access to Twitter to hinder freedom of speech. Governments can also temporarily block access to Twitter during politically unstable situations to limit the spread of information online. Some users have access to Twitter, but may not have access to all tweets. Twitter defines these as “country withheld content”. Some countries may block content that it deems inappropriate according to local laws or sensibilities. Employers, schools, or similar organizations also may block access to Twitter. Certain employers see social media sites like Twitter as a distraction, and do not want their employees spending time tweeting.

Countries that have Blocked or Censored Twitter

Access to Twitter is currently completely banned by the governments of China, North Korea, and Iran. These governments are known to stifle freedom of speech and hinder access to public information. Twitter has been temporarily banned, censored, or threatened with censorship in Egypt, France, India, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Venezuela. Tweeting was infamously blocked in Egypt during the Arab Spring. The British Prime Minister David Cameron threatened to block Twitter during English riots in 2011. A Turkish court tried to ban Twitter during a corruption scandal.

How to Bypass Censorship Filters and Access Twitter

If Twitter is blocked in your country, or by your employer or school, you can still access the site quite easily using a virtual private network. A VPN can mask your IP and location to grant you access to censored or blocked tweets. You can also easily access withheld content using a VPN. There is a variety of VPNs out there, so it’s quite difficult to determine which service is best for unblocking Twitter. In general, a good VPN with a number of servers and security measures can quite adeptly bypass Twitter-blocking filters. Here is a list of the best VPNs to unblock Twitter:


ExpressVPN is one of the best known VPN providers for unblocking Twitter due to censorship or geo-locking. ExpressVPN offers access to over 100 servers in 78 countries. If Twitter is banned or censored in your country, you can use one of these ExpressVPN servers from a country where Twitter is not blocked to gain full access. This service offers speedy and highly secure connections to bypass government filters. ExpressVPN uses multiple encryption protocols and safety features to makes sure your identity remains untraceable. Easily download ExpressVPN onto your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and you can access Twitter in a matter of minutes.

Golden Frog

Golden Frog is the company behind VyprVPN, a highly secure and super fast VPN service good for unblocking any site censored by governments or organizations, including Twitter. If you live in a country where Twitter is inaccessible, you can easily install VyprVPN to gain access using over 500 servers. VyprVPN is particularly recommended for Chinese users. This service comes with a tool called Chameleon specially designed to break through the Great Firewall. VyprVPN offers reliable and speedy connections that are great for streaming videos and downloading torrents as well.


Governments, Twitter itself, and other third parties may block access to certain tweets because of your location. It’s your IP address that makes geo-blocking possible. What if, say, you can make your original IP address “vanish”? You will get unhindered access to all the tweets. This is what IPVanish, a popular VPN service, grants its customers. You can choose an IPVanish server located in one of 60 different countries to mask your real IP address and gain access to Twitter’s country-withheld content. For example, if you are in Thailand and have stumbled upon a geo-block, you can easily use IPVanish to pretend to be a user from the U.S. and get access to the blocked tweets.


Twitter users can get unlimited connections to over 500 servers in 141 countries with PureVPN. You can access any geo-blocked tweet with this service. PureVPN comes with a host of services to make your browsing experience convenient. PureVPN connections are speedy and highly secure, so no government can spy on you or trace your presence when you access blocked tweets. You can download PureVPN onto multiple devices, and enjoy simultaneous connections on up to 5 devices. Also, Pure VPN is one of the most budget-friendly VPNs currently available for public use.


Having decided to reconsider the question of your online security, you can definitely place confidence in NordVPN provider. This one is an ace of the service for many reasons. Full confidentiality, unlimited access and bandwidth, secure Wi-Fi and all that’s on condition your privacy is under defense of 2048-bit SSL ciphering and usage of up-to-date protocols. Having subscribed to the service, you can easily forget about any restrictions you’ve faced while networking, because more than six hundred servers are located worldwide. Moreover, the service keeps no logs and lets using Tor over VPN, which provides you with extra anonymity. In addition, thirty-day money back guarantee and constantly-run specials will waist little time for your thoughts.


Users in countries where Twitter is banned or censored run the risk of being monitored by the government when trying to access Twitter. SaferVPN is a unique service that will unblock Twitter for you and protect your identity by completely masking your original IP address. SaferVPN servers are maintained in-house, so no third-party will ever accidentally stumbled on your data.  SaferVPN protects your sensitive private information using top-notch encryption, the same used by international banks. You can download SaferVPN software onto your smartphone, tablet, or gaming device to tweet even when you are travelling.


CyberGhost has over 600 servers located worldwide. You can easily access any geo-blocked Twitter content with these servers. Users get unlimited speeds, data, and bandwidth to tweet, browse the net, stream videos, or download content. Also, you can switch between the numerous servers without restrictions. CyberGhost offers ad-free browsing and protection from malicious websites that may be linked to certain tweets. Users on smartphones will appreciate CyberGhost’s data compression tool that can make big files small, so your phone consumes less data. CyberGhost is great for accessing any and all blocked Twitter content, and for other anonymous browsing features as well.


These VPNs are the best in the world for unblocking Twitter. If you cannot access Twitter with your current IP address, install one of these VPNs, and you will get access within minutes. Twitter could be inaccessible to you due to government censorship, geo-blocks, or temporary bans. Whatever the reason may be, the VPNs mentioned can easily bypass those filters and grant you access. 

However, it’s important to note that if Twitter itself has blocked or censored content, it’s quite impossible to access such content. For example, if Twitter deletes a post because it contains hate speech, you won’t be able to access that Tweet with a VPN. On the other hand, if your government has blocked that tweet, you can easily use one of the above VPNs to read the tweet. If that tweet is unavailable to you because you are located in a certain country, any one of the VPN mentioned in this article can cut through those geo-blocks and show you the tweet.

Some countries, like China for example, expressly block VPNs as well. In such a situation, use a service like VyprVPN from Golden Frog. VyprVPN, as mentioned, is one of the few VPNs that can hold its own against the Great Firewall. Some VPNs, therefore, may be better suited for your country’s restrictions than others. In such cases, carefully review each VPN service to choose the one that is best suited.

The VPNs mentioned come with a host of features other than unblocking Twitter as well. You can easily use any one of them to browse the internet anonymously. All of them offer advanced security features to thwart government spies, hackers, and data thieves. Their speedy connections are great for streaming online videos and downloading torrents. If you want to access a video link on a tweet, for example, you can use one of these VPNs to stream that video without buffering or other annoying disruptions.

Twitter is a fun platform to use, as well as an important one. It’s the go-to tool for free speech advocates and dissenting voices worldwide. There are no reasonable justifications that you should not have access to Twitter. You have a right to information, and no government or organization should be in your way. Therefore, if Twitter is blocked for you, do not hesitate to purchase a great VPN service from the list above. Simply install, unblock Twitter, and spread the word. 

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