September 06/2016

Twitter is a widely spread social net allowing users from all over the world keep their mini blogs. Twitter is a main competitor of Facebook that counts 3, 6 million followers. Users from all over the globe use the social net to state their view on different questions and follow other twitter blogs.

It’s difficult to believe that such a popular social net as Twitter is inaccessible in many countries. The fact is that some of the countries follow the policy of total censorship. These are such countries as China, Iran, the UAE, Vietnam, the North Korea, Bangladesh, Turkey and some others, which don’t allow their citizens to use some websites by blocking the resources through the government agencies or ISPs. The main reason for this kind of Internet censorship is a desire to save the national common values.

It goes to show that in order to unblock Twitter or to make your network private, secure and synonymous you need a good VPN for Twitter. The best VPN for Twitter will provide you with online privacy, security and high level of anonymity.

How does the best Twitter VPN work?

A Twitter VPN hides your real IP address. A good VPN for Twitter holds many servers in different countries and therefore gives you a chance to choose any virtual location you wish. Moreover, the best VPN for Twitter helps avoiding any restrictions. In addition, the best Twitter VPN uses up-to-date VPN protocols for creating a secure tunneling. Thus a qualitative Twitter VPN encrypts all your traffic. On the top of all is that a reliable VPN for Twitter provider doesn’t use any logging data, which makes your online work anonymous.

How to find the best Twitter VPN?

Best VPNs for TWITTER To find the best Twitter VPN you need to consider some of the main characteristics it should have:

  • a high-quality VPN for Twitter is a VPN that holds many server locations. If you are looking for the best Twitter VPN for China or Turkey your VPN service needs to have many virtual locations in those countries where access to Twitter is permitted.
  • the best Twitter VPN tunneling is such a tunneling that is created with the help of the latest VPN protocols for your data encryption.
  • the best Twitter VPN is a VPN that supports multiple devices and platforms. While choosing Twitter VPN for Android, Twitter VPN for iOS, Twitter VPN for your iPhone, don’t forget to look at the technical support the best Twitter VPN provides.
  • the best VPN for Twitter should accept different payment methods and provide you with a trial version and money-back guarantee.

Having remembered all the qualities the best Twitter VPN should have, you are ready to make a choice. We have prepared a list of the best VPNs for Twitter, which aim is to help you make a fast and right decision.


This is a good VPN service for Twitter, because you can connect to any of the 136 ExpressVPN server locations in 87 countries and enjoy any content the world has to offer. Your government will never discover that you are viewing restricted sites because ExpressVPN keeps no logs and they have the best network security thanks to their 256-bit encryption software and great protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP which hides your current location and provides you with complete anonymity when you browse the net or stream terrific content from popular sites like Netflix.

VyprVPN / Golden Frog VPN

VyprVPN or Golden Frog VPN is also definitely a great UK VPN for Twitter since you can connect to any one of their 700+ servers in more than fifty countries which enables you to enjoy any content, social media site, movies, TV show, live broadcast or online game which you may want to enjoy. VyprVPN has some of the fastest network speeds in the world and they have software that is compatible with just about any device. They also have no restrictions on data transfers or network speeds no matter how much time you spend online which is terrific for staying entertained no matter the hour.


PureVPN is a great VPN for Twitter, because its customers can enjoy terrific discounted deals when they take out the two-year package. Pure VPN has great security thanks to their protocols and their encryption software and will even allow you to enjoy file sharing and P2P completely safely and securely. You can connect to any of their 500+ servers in 141 countries and give you’re a chance to enjoy all of your favorite social media sites without getting in trouble for viewing and enjoying these restricted sites.


Having decided to reconsider the question of your online security, you can definitely place confidence in NordVPN provider. This one is an ace of the service for many reasons. Full confidentiality, unlimited access and bandwidth, secure Wi-Fi and all that’s on condition your privacy is under defense of 2048-bit SSL ciphering and usage of up-to-date protocols. Having subscribed to the service, you can easily forget about any restrictions you’ve faced while networking, because more than six hundred servers are located worldwide. Moreover, the service keeps no logs and lets using Tor over VPN, which provides you with extra anonymity. In addition, thirty-day money back guarantee and constantly-run specials will waist little time for your thoughts.


Another qualitative VPN for Twitter is SaferVPN. It is one of the safest choices you can make. SaferVPN is the perfect VPN for Twitter since you can connect to more than 400+ servers in 30 countries and be completely safe while sharing information and files with friends and family. They use only the best encryption software to secure their networks and their terrific security protocols are basically indestructible. SaferVPN’s software installations are quick and the software is incredibly easy to use on just about any device you may prefer.

Twitter’s best VPNs summary

Twitter is the main competitor of Facebook that counts 3, 6 million followers. It is still inaccessible for many users from such countries as China, Iran, the UAE, Vietnam, the North Korea, Bangladesh, Turkey and some others. The reason for that lies in censoring the Internet followed by the governments.

If you are looking for safe networking or avoiding all the restrictions you need a reliable Twitter VPN. The best Twitter VPN hides your real IP address and encrypts all the transferring traffic. In addition, a reliable Twitter VPN provider doesn’t keep any logging data.

We have considered the main characteristics the best Twitter VPN should have and hope that the list of best VPNs for Twitter will help you make an appropriate decision and save your free time. Stay safe using the best Twitter VPN!

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