Best VPNs For Sweden

June 29/2016

Sweden is possibly the only country in the world to have abolished censorship. The freedom-loving country accomplished this in 1766. When the age of the internet dawned, Sweden was one of the few countries that opposed filtering. Sweden continues to uphold their anti-censorship views and promote digital freedom online. However, new realities may cause the Swedish government to consider censoring the internet even in a small scope.

Sweden, like many countries in the world, monitors the net and bans content that contains child pornography, hate speech, and libel. Sites containing copyrighted material may also be taken down if legal complaints are filed. (This is rare, though. Sweden refused to take down Pirate Bay even after neighboring countries sued). However, the rising popularity of social media to spread possibly negative views and terrorist propaganda online may be causing the Swedish government to take a different stance regarding its ‘no censorship’ stance.

A news report earlier this year cited the owner and CEO of Bahnhof, the country’s biggest ISP, as saying that the “Swedish government is considering overturning its long-held opposition to internet filtering”. Internet regulators have reached out to the ISP, asking to filter certain online gambling sites. The ramifications of such off-hand requests for censorship are many in terms of net neutrality and digital freedom. More shockingly, the Swedish government was found to have blocked a Daily Mail news article about the murder of an asylum center worker. The news site did so following a request from the Swedish government claiming that the article could impact the ongoing court proceedings.

As neighboring European nations tighten their censorship laws, Swedish users may want to take steps to protect their privacy while online. Netizens can do so by using a VPN service provider offering services for users in Sweden. Refer to the list below to find out which VPNs are the best:


Everyone wants their free VPN services in Sweden to be speedy, so why not go with the VPN that claims to be the “world’s fastest”? ExpressVPN promises “blazing fast speeds” to stream videos and download torrents from blocked sites; all the while offering top-notch security with 256-bit encryption and SSL. ExpressVPN has over 100 servers in 78 countries, so geo trackers will not stop you from accessing content. All plans get the same unlimited speed and bandwidth. Users can choose from monthly, 6-month plans, or annual plans. They also offer 24/7 customer service.


Having decided to reconsider the question of your online security, you can definitely place confidence in NordVPN provider. This one is an ace of the service for many reasons. Full confidentiality, unlimited access and bandwidth, secure Wi-Fi and all that’s on condition your privacy is under defense of 2048-bit SSL ciphering and usage of up-to-date protocols. Having subscribed to the service, you can easily forget about any restrictions you’ve faced while networking, because more than six hundred servers are located worldwide. Moreover, the service keeps no logs and lets using Tor over VPN, which provides you with extra anonymity. In addition, thirty-day money back guarantee and constantly-run specials will waist little time for your thoughts.


PureVPN is one of the best available in Sweden for feature-rich VPN services. It’s compatible with over 20 devices, including smartphones, gaming devices, and of course, your computer. There are numerous software and apps to support the VPN on these devices that are surprisingly easy to use. PureVPN has over 500 servers in 141 countries. Users can switch between these servers limitlessly. Additionally, the service offers unlimited data transfer, a tactic to circumvent ISP throttling. PureVPN’s split tunneling tool can actually select which data to send through the ISP server and the VPN server, so user identities and browsing history are kept completely secret. 


SaferVPN is also the best VPN for Sweden to enjoy quality VPN with complete anonymity, security and privacy online. It offers a secure way of browsing the internet through its own servers. The key features of this VPN service Sweden are:

  • 24/7 live-chat and email support for its customers.
  • One click, easy to use option.
  • 30+ locations with a world class server network.
  • 256-bit encryption through multiple VPN protocols like L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN. 

If you change VPN to Sweden services, you can watch any streaming content from anywhere.


Vypr, developed by Golden Frog, is the tough VPN that can break through China’s Great Firewall. Vypr is designed with an open VPN optimized program called Chameleon that even users in Sweden can benefit from. Chameleon can penetrate certain software that block VPNs. Users in Sweden who want to access severely censored sites can use Vypr to bypass security and geographical filters. Vypr is fast and comes with state-of-the-art encryption to keep all user data safe and sound. Vypr is a great service for Swedish users who seek speed as well as security in their VPN. 


In Sweden, certain VPN free service providers resort to various tactics to keep user identities anonymous and unhackable. Few have actually achieved this level of security. IPVanish, from a U.S.-based company, is one of these few highly secure VPNs. The company promises from the get go to “keep hackers, ISPs, and tech-savvy teens out of your connection”. You can connect using a public Wi-Fi network using IPVanish without having to worry about any nefarious parties tracking your every move. IPVanish protects your data and masks your identity using PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols. This is a very good service to get around geo trackers and location-based blocks. 


You get quality VPN service Sweden features when you make use of CyberGhost VPN. The attractive features that make it the best VPN in Sweden are: 

  • No questions asked 30-day money return guarantee.
  • Connect up to 5 devices with the use of one account. 
  • Ad free browsing with a VPN Sweden iPhone and Android apps.
  • Bitcoin payment option for anonymous payment lovers.
  • NAT firewall feature with additional features like DNS leak protection.

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