Best VPNs For Spain

June 29/2016

Spain valiantly helds its own against intense U.S. pressure to censor the internet, particularly for copyrighted content, Wikileaks exposed several years ago. However, recent political events and national security concerns may be changing the limited censorship stance Spain has long practiced.

The first indication of the changing tide came in 2011, when Spain caved in to foreign insistence and passed the Snide law, which allowed the government to take down or blacklist sites allegedly containing copyrighted material. Torrent sites are the main target of Snide law.

Spain’s censorship laws were largely sensible until recently. The government used to censor all content related to child pornography, hate speech such as anti-semitic online rants, and any material glorifying or supporting terrorism. Things took a turn for the worse in 2014 when the country introduced a so-called Google tax, a new copyright law that would actually charge news aggregators for republishing stories previously covered by print newspapers.

Spain’s censorship laws may be affecting its netizens more than initially intended. In 2012, Pilar Velasco, a Madrid-based journalist working for a station called Radio SER, was criminally charged after posting a spy video of a government official. More recently in 2013, a satirical blog El Agitador was sued for posting cartoons that depicted widespread corruption in the Lanzarote region of Spain. The blog was eventually fined to the tune of 50,000 euros.

It’s possible that the freedoms Spanish netizens live in will not last into the future. It’s better to protect one’s online identity now using a virtual private network. VPNs enable net users to remain anonymous online to get past censorship filters, possible spies, and data hackers. VPNs can get netizens access to blogs that might be blocked because they post content that embarrass the ruling elite. Here are the best VPN service providers in Spain:


Are you a heavy video streamer and a torrent downloader? Then ExpressVPN is probably the best solution to your problems. This service promises users “blazing fast” speeds to watch online videos and download files, no matter how large. Users do not have to worry about buffering, slow connections, or copyright hawks when using ExpressVPN. They have over 100 servers that do not log any user data. That means the authorities can never trace your presence. ExpressVPN offers excellent customer support, unlimited speeds, BitCoin payments, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Want to use a VPN but cannot afford one? Then try TotalVPN, which comes in a free version as well as a low-price premium edition. TotalVPN promises Spanish users complete digital freedom. Bypass native censorship filters and foreign geo trackers easily with TotalVPN. Paying customers get unlimited access to all servers, along with unlimited server switching. TotalVPN connections are speedy and do not drop or buffer when videos are streamed. Spanish users will find TotalVPN extremely useful to bypass filters on torrent sites. Unlimited bandwidth means users can download without fearing data caps. TotalVPN software is available for Android or iPhone users as well. 


Not many VPNs can boast that they offer some of the cheapest packages on the market. PureVPN certainly can. This service is the best budget option for users in Spain, it’s like they offer VPN free for cash-strapped netizens. PureVPN also offers some of the best discounts in the industry. Their annual packages are known to provide as much as 65% off. Pricing aside, PureVPN offers top-notch services for staying anonymous and safe online. They offer unlimited connections to a vast 400+ server network, so users can easily access content blocked based on location. Also, users can securely connect to public Wi-Fi with PureVPN. 


Personal safety is a major concern for any online user. Most local ISPs offer limited protections against hackers. Also, ISPs cannot prevent censoring of content by government agencies. For Spanish users concerned about these issues, SaferVPN offers a way out. Users can easily download this VPN software to browse the web in a safe and secure manner. SaferVPN offers over 150 highly secured servers where no one will be able to trace your IP or detect your presence when bypassing filters. It’s ideal for streaming, browsing, or downloading content blocked for unjustified reasons. Users who travel constantly will find SaferVPN’s mobile apps highly advantageous as well. 


Vypr is one of the more unique VPN services offered anywhere. Users can anonymously browse the web, stream videos, download torrents, and send encrypted emails with Vypr. The unique aspect of Vypr is that this software uses open VPN technology in Spain to get through digital infrastructure that specifically blocks VPNs. This tool, called Chameleon, was developed to bypass the Great Firewall of China. Vypr is one of the most secure networks that has ingenious tools to get you access through filters without compromising your anonymity. Vypr comes with crossplatform compatibility and multiple logins for up to 5 devices.


Vanish off the face of the internet without actually leaving with IPVanish, one of the best services in Spain that offers feature-rich VPN software. Headquartered in the U.S., IPVanish has over 700 servers located in 50 different countries generating an astounding 200,000 IPs addresses. This is the best VPN service to mask your virtual identity to get past geographical censors. For example, some users in Spain could be blocked from sites due to their location. IPVanish is one of the few services that can get you past these location-specific filters to any streaming video website. 


CyberGhost is one of the first VPN providers to offer protection from malicious websites. CyberGhost has over 600 servers located in numerous countries, so all users get access to a variety of virtual nationalities with which they can bypass filters. CyberGhost is keen on security and protecting the identity and personal data of users. You can be assured of safety from hackers, spies, and data thieves when using CyberGhost. Their VPN software comes with a number of apps for users on mobile phones. With CyberGhost, smartphone users can connect to the web using a public Wi-Fi connection securely without worries. Budget users can download a free limited version of the complete software.

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