Best VPNs For Hulu

July 05/2016

With a terrific online channel like Hulu you no longer have to pay expensive TV broadcasting fees only to get stuck watching a cooking channel simply because there is nothing to watch on any of the 300 channels. Hulu makes life incredibly easy because you can watch any movie, TV show or series you want at the times that are convenient to you. You can pause whenever you like and you never have to suffer through boring ads and commercials. Plus, you save a lot of money since Hulu is much more affordable than normal TV broadcasting. The only problem is that Hulu is only available in Japan and the US. But thanks to VPN services you can now enjoy Hulu from anywhere in the world on any device you like.

The 5 Best VPN’s for Hulu

The only way to access Hulu from a foreign country or perhaps even enjoy faster and higher quality content from the US is by investing in a good VPN service which bypasses all internet restrictions for you so you can watch what you want and when you want. Here are the top five VPN services that you should consider for complete online freedom right now:


ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Hulu because they have fast and secure servers in the US that you can connect to so you can enjoy everything Hulu has to offer from anywhere in the world. ExpressVPN also has servers in 77 other countries and hides your online presence when you connect to any of their servers so you can go completely undetected when you access content that is restricted. Their networks are strengthened with 4096-bit and AES-256-bit encryption software which will ensure that no one will ever be able to tell that you are watching Hulu from a foreign country and they have fantastic 24-hour emergency support so you can get help the moment you need it.


This online service provider provides VPN services through VyprVPN. GoldenFrog is the ideal VPN service for Hulu because they have some of the fastest network speeds in the world and their US servers are of the highest quality so you can enjoy HD quality content no matter how poor your connection is. They have 700+ servers in 50+ countries, which means so much more internet freedom for you and their networks are ultimately secure thanks to their OpenVPN, Chameleon, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP protocols. GoldenFrog is so confident in its online security, they even allow P2P. When you use GoldenFrog for Hulu you can be sure to get ultimate security and fast speeds for any content that you may want to view.


Those who want so much more from their internet can definitely give IPVanish a try. You can access IPVanish from anywhere in the world and you get complete online freedom when you use this VPN to watch Hulu because IPVanish has 500 servers in 60 countries including some rare locations like Egypt. IPVanish has software for all major platforms, they have no restrictions on bandwidth, P2P or server switching and they keep no logs. You can connect up to two devices at the same time, which is terrific for those who love to enjoy the best content from Hulu at their homes and on the go.


PureVPN is the best VPN service for Hulu because they offer 24-hour emergency customer support and their servers are always up and running. They have some of the fastest performing servers in the US which enable you to enjoy the best and highest quality content from Hulu no matter where you are. PureVPN will keep you completely secure even if Hulu is restricted in your location because they have good network security thanks to their PPTP/L2TP, IPSec, and SSTP/SSL protocols that are enhanced with 128-bit encryption software which will ensure that all of your online activities will remain completely anonymous.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost allows you to test their services completely free and their annual membership fees are incredibly affordable which makes it the best DNS service for Hulu. They have no limits on bandwidth and their 256-bit encryption software is strong enough to ensure that you will never get detected or hacked when you are viewing your favorite shows through Hulu from foreign locations. CyberGhost allows you to connect up to five devices at the same time, which is terrific for families who have different interests when it comes to entertainment. CyberGhost has more than 687 servers in 30 countries, including 106 servers in the US which will ensure that you always get the fastest network speeds when you enjoy Hulu.

How to watch Hulu outside of the USA?

Hulu is only available in Japan and in the USA. When you try to access Hulu from a foreign country you are restricted because Hulu does not own international licensing for all of the content in all countries. Many countries like China are also incredibly tight on their security and thus block out this entertainment sight for their own ‘safety’. However, you can bypass all of these restrictions by using

Some of the best DNS for Hulu like the five that are mentioned above. When you connect through a VPN service to one of the VPN service providers US servers you are virtually transported to that location, your IP address is changed and your online presence is hidden. It seems almost as if you are using the internet directly from the US which means you can access any website in the US and you can enjoy any content on these sites. No matter how tight your country is when it comes to online security, you will remain completely safe because all of the good VPN service providers have terrific security for their networks which means you are completely invisible and safe. You can enjoy any movie, series or TV show you like from Hulu and no one will ever know.

Enjoy all content that Hulu has to offer

Hulu is incredibly popular and their popularity only seems to be growing thanks to their top quality content. When you visit Hulu through a VPN connection you get full access to all of their content which includes:

  • Movies – You can enjoy the latest movies the moment they are released even though the site is restricted in your area. You can even enjoy HD quality movies in foreign locations since the networks of VPN service providers are so much faster.
  • TV shows – All American TV shows are yours for the watching, including popular shows from other countries that are also featured on Hulu.
  • Series – You can enjoy an entire nail-biting series in a single setting and never have to wait for schedules or for ads when it comes to your favorite series since Hulu doesn’t have a tight schedule or ads.

How a VPN service makes your Hulu entertainment better?

Hulu fans in US and people across the globe get so much more from Hulu through a VPN connection because you enjoy other benefits such as:

  • You are anonymous online thanks to the VPN security. No one can monitor or spy on what you are viewing.
  • No one can hack into your private accounts while you are streaming from Hulu because a VPN secures your online connection.
  • You can download or stream much higher quality content from Hulu or from other sites because the VPN connections are not redirected through different channels. A direct connection allows you to download a lot faster.
  • The networks are much more stable and reliable so all of your shows and content can load easily and problem free.
  • You can enjoy Hulu on the go, on your mobile devices or replace your entire home entertainment source with Hulu on desktop devices.

Other benefits you get from the VPN network

You don’t have to use VPN to watch Hulu only. A VPN service will remove all online restrictions for you so you can access any website you like, from anywhere in the world and remain completely anonymous while doing so. When you can enjoy any content from anywhere in the world you can get the best content, access illegal or malicious websites or even get an international education through online colleges. Other benefits from VPN services include:

  • You are completely safe and secure when you connect to the internet. Even Wi-Fi connections are completely secure and no one can ever hack into any of your private accounts.
  • You can enjoy P2P which enables you to save a lot of money on data downloads.
  • You can shop online much more securely because no one can hack into your private bank accounts or steal any of your private account information.
  • No one can ever pinpoint any misconduct or online activities back to you because most good VPN service providers keep no logs of any of your online activities.

It is time to enjoy the internet as free as a bird and to be completely safe while doing so. With a good quality VPN service on your side, you can be entertained at all times no matter where you travel to and no matter where you live.

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