Best VPNs For Facebook

July 05/2016

For the past 12 years, Facebook has come to be one of the largest social media networks. The company was launched in 2004 in Harvard University, USA by a group of students. The company has over the years managed to amass customers and now it has over 1.6 billion monthly users. Despite Facebook having such a large customer base, there are still places and countries which don’t enjoy it. Countries such as Bangladesh and Egypt have blocked Facebook hence making it impossible for people to open Facebook accounts or to operate them. VPNs have however helped a great deal in that if you are in a region or country where Facebook is restricted, you can easily bypass such hurdles and continue browsing. Here are some of the popular VPNs that you should consider:

Express VPN        

This is one of the best VPN firms for Facebook in the market. This VPN is registered in the British Virgin Islands where the internet laws are a bit lenient. This affords you access to over 500 servers located in more than 136 locations. Because the firm has its servers strategically located in 87 countries across the world, you can be sure to get all Facebook content no matter where you are located. The Express VPN network is SSL secured and data is protected using a 256-bit encryption. The other features to enjoy here include 5-star customer service and a 30-day money back guarantee.

IPvanish VPN

IPvanish VPN is one of the most reliable players in this industry. This VPN which is based in the USA was started in 2012. It affords you access to over 40,000 IP addresses which are hosted by over 500 servers spread across 60+ countries. With every account that you open at IPvanish, you stand to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, speed, and zero traffic logs. You will be protected from hackers and other snooping eyes by a 256-bit encryption. Besides being able to access your Facebook account, you also get a chance to stream all videos from the site because IPvanish affords you access to OpenVPN, PTPP, and L2TP protocols.

Pure VPN

This VPN was started in 2007 in Hong Kong. The firm has over the years provided high-quality services and has seen over 1 million customers fully satisfied with its services. It has hundreds of servers which are spread across 141 countries. In order to shield your IP address from prying eyes, PureVPN provides you with OpenVPN, PTPP, and L2TP. It also affords you an AES 256-bit encryption which guarantees your internet freedom. With every subscription, you stand to enjoy a one-week free trial. Moreover, you also get to enjoy one-month money back guarantee.


Having decided to reconsider the question of your online security, you can definitely place confidence in NordVPN provider. This one is an ace of the service for many reasons. Full confidentiality, unlimited access and bandwidth, secure Wi-Fi and all that’s on condition your privacy is under defense of 2048-bit SSL ciphering and usage of up-to-date protocols. Having subscribed to the service, you can easily forget about any restrictions you’ve faced while networking, because more than six hundred servers are located worldwide. Moreover, the service keeps no logs and lets using Tor over VPN, which provides you with extra anonymity. In addition, thirty-day money back guarantee and constantly-run specials will waist little time for your thoughts.


A great free VPN for Facebook is offered by SaferVPN. The firm which has over 150 high-performance servers in over 24 countries affords all its customers a chance to try the free trial. The VPN’s platform is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome. You can, therefore, access Facebook using any of your devices. SaferVPN which also affords you access to OpenVPN and L2TP, as well as, PTPP protocol is also renowned for offering high-end customer service. No matter the restrictions of your ISP, you can enjoy unlimited access to Facebook and the internet as a whole when you subscribe to any of the three plans featured here.

The best VPN for Facebook

Among the best VPNs for Facebook, you will notice that hiding your IP is given a great priority. This is because, when you want to access such a website which is restricted or blocked in your region, the local ISPs work extra hard to ensure that no DNS goes to the Facebook page. This is where the VPNs come in; a VPN will literally help you bypass all your ISP watchful eyes and hence the governments’. A VPN should enable you to access not only Facebook but all the geo-restricted websites as well as other banned websites in your region safely and without compromising on your privacy. Such a VPN should offer great protocols which will enable you to stream live all your favorite Facebook videos as well as enable you to call your friends while using Facebook app.

The best VPNs for Facebook

Leading VPNs for Facebook are supposed to have servers in the territories where you want your account to be seen as logging in from. If you are in Egypt where Facebook is banned and you want to be seen as logging in from Italy, your VPN should have a server in Italy that will satisfy your demand.

The best VPNs are not only meant to help you bypass ISPs blocking in your area but they can be used to help evade the watchful eye of the government agencies. It is public knowledge now that governments are monitoring people’s Facebook accounts in fear that propaganda can be spread through social media. While there are elements that are extremists on social media, you shouldn’t be bundled together with them by having your account scrutinized every other minute. Just use a VPN and your social media activity will remain anonymous to the prying eyes.

Unblock Facebook Proxy

When you sign up with a VPN, you will have a chance to enjoy a list of IP addresses which are shared by other users. Every time you log in to Facebook using your VPN account, you will be allocated an unblock Facebook proxy account which is hosted by a server in a location where Facebook is allowed or accessible. In short, such a proxy is the IP address that will be seen as though you are using even though it is only a proxy that is rerouting all the content to your actual IP address anonymously.

How to unblock Facebook?

The simplest way through which you can unblock your Facebook is to do it quietly. While the government agencies which have banned the use of the website or which are vigilant monitoring your every move expects you to try accessing the website overtly, you should employ the services of a credible VPN. A VPN will help you open an account which will enable you to bypass all of the restrictions laid out by the government. There is nowhere you will use the services of your ISP hence making it impossible for anyone to trace your online activities.

Unblock Facebook at school

Schools and colleges are increasingly putting measures to block students from accessing Facebook. Apparently, the idea behind this move is because students are using or becoming addicted to Facebook at the expense of their studies. This is not always the truth as students still perform well where Facebook is not blocked. If you are looking into an effective way to unblock Facebook at school, all you have to do is change your proxy/ domain settings. This can be done easily with the help of a VPN.

Free VPN for Facebook

Most of the VPNs in the market today have a trial package which has a reasonable number of features and which are supposed to help you gauge whether the services are worthy of a paying for. There are still other VPNs which offer a permanent free plan with quite a reasonable number of features. For a Facebook user who doesn’t require downloading any heavy content or stream live, a free VPN for Facebook would be an ideal solution.

VPN China Facebook

Among the most popular social media platforms in China are Qzone and QQ. Facebook is restricted and quite unknown to many of the people here. Facebook is further looked askance by the very powerful Chinese officials who can order the whole website be blocked or your account just blocked. It is, therefore, important that you safeguard yourself by taking the necessary measures such as employing the services of a VPN. By using a VPN in China or any other place for that matter, you shield your account from government surveillance and the possibility of hacking.


Facebook is one of the largest and most used social media platforms and has reached unprecedented 1.65 billion monthly users. It keeps on growing by the day. However, there are challenges which such a big platform has. Oftentimes, you will hear of account holders reporting that their accounts have been accessed by third parties. Little wonder Facebook keeps advising its customers to keep on updating their passwords. In order to escape this headache, just look for a VPN which guarantees you online security and privacy. 

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