Best VPNs For Cuba

August 17/2016

Cuba is  known for its quality cigars. It is also known for its very strict internet censorships. Any expat from US or UK living in Cuba would find it very difficult to survive in the country as there is no way for them to access popular video streaming channels like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ABC Family, etc. All you get to browse on the internet is the permitted websites. There is a huge amount of the population in Cuba that uses the internet services provided by the ISPs there. But, with so much of censorships in place, the people of Cuba have turned to good VPN services to bypass such censorships and access their favorite websites right from Cuba.

How to enjoy internet freedom in Cuba?

By making use of the services of a reliable and fast VPN service, people in Cuba can easily break free from the deadlock imposed by certain websites on the Cuban IP addresses. The VPN service will provide you with an IP address of US or UK or any other country by masking your real Cuban IP address and the location so that you get instant access to all websites, even if they are barred in Cuba. No matter, there are geo restrictions, reverse filtering or strict internet censorships, with a reliable VPN service you will be able to get over all hassles that come in the way of you and internet freedom very easily. 

Best VPNs for Cuba

There are no VPN services that run their servers in Cuba. All the VPNs discussed here are all running international servers and you have the option to choose any of the servers to visit websites of your choice. The following are the five best VPN for iPhone for Cuba and other devices that offer you complete internet privacy security and anonymity.

ExpressVPN >>

ExpressVPN offers all the features and services that you need from a VPN in Cuba. It gives you complete freedom to bid goodbye to internet censorships and geo-restrictions and helps you to surf freely.  Your internet traffic is completely encrypted and this service hides your IP address from third parties to ensure online privacy. The following are the important features offered by this VPN for iPad:

  • Easy to use software for all devices.
  • Limit free bandwidth, speed and server switching.
  • Strong 256-bit SSL data encryption.
  • 3 devices can be connected concurrently.
  • 137+ Servers located in 87 countries.

VyprVPN >>

One of the best VPN for Cuba that offers fast and secure VPN is VyprVPN. This VPN service runs its own server and network and therefore you are guaranteed of fast VPN speeds and no downtime. All blocked websites can easily be unblocked using this VPN service. VyprVPN gives you the option to try out its service with 3 days free trial offer. Attractive features that make it an ideal VPN for Skype in Cuba are:

  • 700+ servers clustered in South and North America, Oceania, Europe and Asia.
  • Overloading is prevented through dynamic server switching feature.
  • Quick server switching through mobile and desktop apps.

PureVPN >>

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong and offers a host of features that makes it the most sought after VPN for use in Cuba. All users get 7 days money back guarantee without any hassles. It supports all internet powered devices and offers proprietary apps to ensure 100% privacy. This VPN does not maintain logs of any kind. The key features of this VPN service in Cuba are:

  • Multiple logins up to 5 devices at one time.
  • Prevents speed throttling by ISPs.
  • Complete protection from IP leakages.
  • Multiple VPN protocol support through OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and IKEv2.

SaferVPN >>

SaferVPN is the best VPN for Mac and other devices that will help in safely securing your data from hackers and snooping agencies. All blocked content offered online can easily be unblocked using this service. As this VPN writes its own codes and manages the VPN network, it can guarantee high speed global servers, no limits on bandwidth, no download restrictions, freedom from ISP throttling and of course quality VPN. This VPN offers latest apps for Windows, Chrome, and iOS and Android that can be activated with a single click. There are more than 400 servers of SaferVPN spread over 30 countries to provide you with unrestricted internet access.      

Watching Cuban content

If you are a citizen of Cuba, living in another country where there is no way you can access to Cuban web content, then you can use the VPN service to easily access all blocked Cuban content from anywhere without any hassles. You will be getting a Cuban IP address to show the websites that you are from Cuba and therefore you get quick and easy entrance to  all Cuban sites from anywhere.


The above mentioned VPN services offer a host of features and some of the attractive plans and pricing. Each of this service is different from the other and hence you need to research on each one of them in detail to suit the most suited one for your VPN needs. Some of the key features that you need to compare between VPNs are: number of servers and its locations, IP addresses, zero logs policy feature, data encryption and VPN protocol support, customer support and of course affordable pricing.

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