Best VPNs For ABC Family

June 25/2016

Best VPNs For ABC FamilyABC Family was launched in 1977. Over the years, it has transitioned to become one of the most popular channels in the United States. Currently, it goes by the name Freeform TV Channel. It is owned by ABC Family Worldwide and it serves its customers using DirectTV and Dish Network satellites.

It is important to note that ABC Family is designed to serve the American teens, young adults and has a certain lineage to young women of between 24-34 years. You will need a VPN for ABC Family if you reside outside the United States. Here are some of the top VPNs to consider:

The best VPNs to check out in order to watch ABC Family

⇒Goldenfrog VPN

This VPN has servers located in over 50 locations in five continents. It offers its customers over 700 servers with over 200,000 IP addresses. Goldenfrog is registered in Switzerland, which happens to have a little bit better internet laws as opposed to the rest of the EU. The offices are based in Texas, USA. When you register here, you will need to download CYPHR which only allows you to be the one to read your messages while ensuring that no personal information is stored or tracked back to you.

⇒IPvanish VPN

This USA registered VPN affords you a chance to surf the web without a trace. It was started in 2012 and over the years, it has amassed over 40,000 IP addresses spread across 60+countries with the help of 500+ high-speed servers. The firm offers you ideal data protection by using the reliable AES 256-bit encryption. As for your privacy, bandwidth and speed needs, IPvanish has OpenVPN, PTPP, and L2TP/ IPSec protocols. It competes to be the best VPN for ABC Family with its 7-day money back guarantee, 24/7 customer support and a capacity to connect 2 devices simultaneously.

⇒Pure VPN

Every customer who signs-up to Pure VPN gets to enjoy access to over 80,000 IP addresses hosted on 500+ servers located in 141 countries. You will also enjoy connecting up to 5 devices simultaneously as well as unlimited data transfer, server switches and access to 24/7 support, team. This firm is based in Hong Kong and does not keep any logs and your privacy is enhanced by the use of the reliable PTPP, SSTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols. The firm also offers ideal DNS and VPN disconnect protection and over 150 payment options.


Another one of the best VPN for ABC Family is the SaferVPN. For your protection and privacy needs, this VPN offers a 256-bit encryption which is ideal in ensuring that all of your online activities remain safe. The firm employs OpenVPN, PTPP, IKev2, and L2TP protocols which ensure that your privacy while streaming ABC Family programs remains anonymous. SaferVPN which is owned by Safer Social Ltd has servers in over 24countries. You will great customer support which is available 24/7. When you register, you stand to enjoy a 2-week trial which comes with features such as unlimited bandwidth and speed.

⇒CyberGhost VPN

When searching for the best VPN to use in order to enjoy ABC Family and other USA based internet resources, you definitely must consider CyberGhost VPN. This firm, which was started in 2007, is based in Romania. Your online protection is guaranteed by an AES 256-bit encryption. Your privacy is further made good by the PTPP and L2TP protocols. This VPN offers you access to over 500 high-speed servers strategically distributed in over 30 countries. Besides unlimited bandwidth and speeds, you will also enjoy a world-class antifinger-printing system, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

What Does ABC Family has to Offer?

ABC Family is a US based TV channel which has been around for over three decades. Over that time, it has grown in its ability to satisfy its audience as well as growing its customer base. Today, the ABC Family which is also referred to as Freeform TV Channel broadcasts in English and Spanish. The channel is quite popular with the younger people. It offers prime time programs which are then supplemented with contemporary comedies, drama series and movie screen on Walt Disney World and 20th Century studios. As for sports, ABC Family is the ideal destination to watch all Major League Baseball and a host of other sports.

How to watch ABC Family when you are outside the US?

There are many people who want to watch the tantalizing television series and the amazing movies that ABC Family features. This does not only affect the citizens of other countries, but also the US citizens who are in other countries as expats, students or workers. It is, therefore, imperative that you know how to watch ABC Family when you are outside the US.

To start you off, you will need to check the several VPN and Smart DNS service providers in the market. This is the easiest and the surest way you will be able to enjoy ABC Live, Scandal and other trending TV series and movies. The VPN firm should ideally have a server located in the US which will then be used to host your IP address. This means that when the transmitters are sending the ABC Family content, they will see your IP address as though it is in the US. The server will then reroute the content to your true IP where you are.

While there are many VPNs that offer free services, the ones that require a subscription are often better in terms of offering you security and overall experience.

Finding the best VPN for ABC Family

A VPN basically is supposed to help you bypass all restrictions that go with all the Geo-restrictive channels. As such, A VPN is simply a private network that transmits data from one end to another through a public network yet there will be no one who can access the data other than the receiving and the sending party.

A VPN for ABC Family should be the one that comes with the best data encryption level which happens to be AES 256-bit. Such a VPN should also come with unlimited bandwidth as well speeds which will allow live streaming while not compromising on your internet speed. The other features that a VPN should come with are the ability to prevent DNS and IPev4 data leaks. Such a VPN should also allow you to switch from one server to another, so that when you are done with watching ABC, you can watch something else in a different country or even your local channels.

ABC Family Apps for Android and iPhone

Most of the VPN firms in the market today require that you register an account with them before you can access the services it offers. In most instances, such registration will also be accompanied with the downloading of apps. Fortunately, for you, the apps that most VPN firms offer are primarily designed to be compatible with either your android or iPhone Smartphone.

Other platforms that most VPNs cater for include Linux, Windows, and Mac. In many instances where you find that the platform is designed to be compatible with another OS other than the one running on your device, the VPN offers clear and understandable manual setup instructions. The good thing with a VPN supporting Android and iPhone OS is that you can have the same VPN app on more than one device. Which means you can enjoy watching ABC Family programs on your PC as well as on your phone when you are on the move.

Best VPN for ABC Family

A VPN which can be said to be good for ABC Family is one which, when connected does not jeopardize your online safety as well as the security of your data. A VPN should ideally help you shield your IP address as well as encrypt all of the data that you get to receive and send. Such a VPN should help you escape all the surveillance or censorship that your own government might be conducting. Furthermore, much as you are entitled to enjoy all that the internet has to offer, ABC Family does not take kindly people who access its services outside the US because of the obvious revenue lost and because it is not licensed to offer services outside of the US.

The best VPN for ABC Family is that which can offer you all that the channel offers its US customers while protecting your identity. In most cases, you will be required to pay for the services that a VPN offers. This means that you will be required to submit personal data. This makes you exposed to both the hackers and the surveillance of government agencies. Such a VPN should make a point of ensuring that payment options are safe and cannot be traced back to you.

It is no longer difficult to stream ABC Family programs straight to your phone or computer whether you are in Dubai, the UK, Germany, Australia, Kiribati or Ghana. Just look for the best VPN in the market that offers the above-described features and you will enjoy all that this great channel has to offer. 

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