Best VPN For BBC iPlayer

July 05/2016

Best VPN For BBC iPlayerBBC iPlayer is one of the best online channel and online radio services that you simply must swipe your satellite channel for. By turning from normal broadcasting to this fantastic online channel, you can enjoy so much more entertainment at a much more affordable rate. BBC iPlayer hosts nothing but the best entertainment in the form of movies, drama & soaps, documentaries, food, history, science, nature, sport, and news. You can literally have any entertainment you want to watch right at your fingertips and thanks to VPN service providers BBC iPlayer is not just restricted to the UK anymore. With a VPN service on your side, you can enjoy BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world and have full access to all content available on this channel.

The 5 best VPN for BBC iPlayer

VPN service gives you pure online freedom becaus e you are no longer restricted when it comes to online content. But it can be dangerous when you are accessing a website that is restricted in your area because the content does not have the licensing for your area. The best way to ensure your online security is to get the help of a good and well trusted VPN service so you will never get in trouble for anything you view online. Here are the to 5 VPN for BBC iPlayer viewing; 


ExpressVPN is the highest rated VPN service on the market, which makes it the perfect BBC iPlayer VPN service. ExpressVPN has more than 100 servers in 78 countries and allows you to connect two devices at the same time, so you can enjoy BBC iPlayer content at home or on the go on your mobile device. When you have ExpressVPN you can connect to any connection source and be completely safe from censorship and monitoring thanks to the service providers terrific 256-bit encryption software and great protocols that will keep all of your online activities completely anonymous and secure. 


IPVanish is a terrific VPN for BBC iPlayer because you will get terrific online freedom thanks to 500+ servers in 60 countries which enables you to view any website from any country. You are completely safe from ISP’s when you enjoy your favorite entertainment because IPVanish keeps no logs of your online activities, they have great 256-bit encryption software, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols and your IP address is hidden when you connect to servers from other countries. You can connect two devices at the same time and enjoy unlimited bandwidth, unlimited P2P and torrenting which are perfect for all of those movie and series addicts out there. 


PureVPN is a great VPN service for enjoying BBC iPlayer on computer, for Android and iPhone because they have software for all protocols and their network security is relatively good, thanks to PPTP/L2TP IPSec and SST/SSL protocols as well as their 128-bit encryption software that will keep ISP’s, nosy people and hackers out of all of your online accounts. PureVPN provides fast networks and servers so you can enjoy higher quality content to any location in the world and they remove all internet restrictions so you can enjoy any content that the internet has to offer. The only downside to PureVPN is that they do keep logs of online activities, but they do make up for that with their terrific customer support.


Having decided to reconsider the question of your online security, you can definitely place confidence in NordVPN provider. This one is an ace of the service for many reasons. Full confidentiality, unlimited access and bandwidth, secure Wi-Fi and all that’s on condition your privacy is under defense of 2048-bit SSL ciphering and usage of up-to-date protocols. Having subscribed to the service, you can easily forget about any restrictions you’ve faced while networking, because more than six hundred servers are located worldwide. Moreover, the service keeps no logs and lets using Tor over VPN, which provides you with extra anonymity. In addition, thirty-day money back guarantee and constantly-run specials will waist little time for your thoughts.


All of your online expeditions are a lot safer when you get SaferVPN. SaferVPN is incredibly affordable when you subscribe to their annual package and you get terrific benefits such as complete internet freedom, complete online anonymity, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switching to any of their 400 servers in 30 countries and much more. SaferVPN keeps no logs and they have terrific online security thanks to their 256-bit encryption software. They are definitely one of the best VPN to use to watch BBC iPlayer because they offer great protection and great online security for any content that you stream or download and for any website that you may want to visit.

Why you need a VPN for BBC iPlayer?

Those who are not familiar with BBC iPlayer should definitely give this online channel a try. When you have a VPN service on your side you can connect to BBC iPlayer from any location in the world, even from countries that have restricted BBC and countries for which BBC does not own licensing. You are also completely safe when doing such a naughty thing as streaming from BBC iPlayer because the VPN service provider hides all of your online activities and encrypts all the websites you visit so no one can ever tell what you are doing. When you connect to the UK server through VPN it seems as if you are connecting from the UK and you are supplied with a false IP address so no one can tell that you are using the internet from another country. You can stream to your mobile or desktop device when using a VPN service provider which is fantastic for enjoying the best entertainment wherever you go. 

What exactly is BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer is a UK online channel that hosts numerous fantastic entertainments, news and sports and content. But you can now enjoy all the content available on BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world by connecting to the UK server through a VPN network. You get full access to great content like;

  • Films – You can enjoy a great many movies through BBC iPlayer
  • News –You can watch BBC One live as well as other great newsfeeds that will help you stay up to date on what is happening in the world.
  • Sports – Enjoy numerous different types of sports wherever you are.
  • Drama & Soaps – You can view some of the best dramas and soaps and you never have to wait for scheduled times since the online channel allows you to pick what you want to view at times convenient to you.
  • Other – There is lots of other documentaries, food shows, cultural shows, historical documentations and wildlife entertainment that you can enjoy for free through VPN for BBC iPlayer.
  • Radio – You can even listen to the radio throughout the day through this online channel. 

How a VPN service improves your BBC iPlayer functionality?

VPN services, improve your BBC iPlayer functionality a lot thanks to the following benefits; 

  • You can enjoy BBC iPlayer in the USA, Canada, and Asia and anywhere in the world thanks to the VPN services that changes your virtual location which enables you to access any content from the UK as well as any other country.
  • You are completely safe from hacking when you get a VPN service thanks to their great protocols and encryption software.
  • A VPN allows you to stream much higher quality content much faster because it is a direct connection.
  • You are completely safe from censorship and ISP’s because they won’t be able to tell that you are making a connection from another location. 

How to get a VPN service for your BBC iPlayer?

Your BBC iPlayer proxy is incredibly easy to get set up. All you have to do is find a good quality VPN service that suits your budget. Once you have registered with the VPN Company and made an online payment you should be able to download VPN software to any type of device. VPN software is incredibly easy to setup and to use and will automatically connect you to the best servers. Once connected, you can start enjoying any content from any website in the world. For BBC iPlayer you should connect to a server in the UK after which you should be able to enjoy any content that this online channel has to offer. 

Other benefits that a VPN service has in store for you

VPN services do not just give you online freedom. You also get a lot of other benefits such as; greater online security for online shopping and banking. Full access to any possible website the internet has so you can be entertained or get the education you need. Complete online anonymity and security for all of your online activities and conversations. Your personal content is completely secure since no one can hack into your computer or mobile device to steal photos and much more. With a VPN service, the possibilities are endless.

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