Any Public Cloud Needs Protection

September 21/2016

Any Public Cloud Needs Protection Public cloud services are known to provide no encryption to your private data moved to it. A sensitive data is considered to be more vulnerable to breaches while being loaded to the storage.

Data security in public clouds has merited a greater concern. The recently executed survey has shown a deplorable result that over forty seven percent of data being loaded has nothing to do with security. The situation might seem unsolvable if there weren’t so many defensive technologies for your network, of which you might haven’t heard before.

While most of the users prefer public clouds to store their data, it is highly essential to think about your privacy defense. Considering the growing number of online security awareness, more and more cloud customers deal with protection of their sensitive personal information, which is sometimes known to be inappropriate for cloud storages. If thinking about a high level of data protection that is appropriate for cloud one must definitely pay attention to such up-to-date defensive technology as a VPN, which is assured to be one of the most effective from those on the market today. The strongest protocols combining with multiple servers can give a 99.9% guarantee of protection while networking. So, if you are looking for your privacy protection you should sit a question to the bottom and choose the variant that is to meet all your demands.

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