Allo’s end-to-end encryption has created waves

September 23/2016

Allo’s end-to-end encryption has created waves The unending frictions between IT companies’ security policy and law enforcement representatives are to be continued. The end-to-end encryption is known to have been offered by Google as part of its new output Allo-messenger the other day. The news has worried some law enforcement officials. It is supposed that the messenger’s up-to-date security facility will be convenient to some criminals for hindering their malicious intent.

As you know the encryption has made a split in technological sphere. On the one hand, the end-to-end encryption has been scarified due to the fact that it has been off by default in the new messenger. On the other hand, it’s considered as a strong protection for its future users, because no third party is able to break it. But still the latest position doesn’t seem to be so positive to customers, because the tech company will be able to enter all your messages if it’s necessary.

Law enforcement officials meanwhile have stated the messenger is a great tool for criminals, because any user can easily hide the messages using the encryption, while civil liberties advocates are satisfied with the expansion of end-to-end encryption. Probably, there is no definite solution and each user should think for himself.

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