December 05/2016
It’s an open fact that cloud-based options are widely used by businesses for saving customers data. As soon as the information stored by the companies with the help of cloud systems is very useful for hackers, they try to find vulnerabilities in it and exploit the source. That’s why it has... Read more
November 13/2016
All too often the biggest risk for networks is presented by customers. The reason is that passcodes you use for different accounts are the keys to your confidential information. In our real lives we use various keys for different purposes: house, car, office, etc. But what come of some customers... Read more
November 09/2016
It’s obvious that both enterprise and consumer security need a high-quality VPN protection. Being preferably used for big companies in the past, today the service has the call among average Internet users. With the growing number of hacker attacks, malware, spyware and other online ‘evil spirits’,... Read more
November 02/2016
Retrieving some of your personal information for using it against you is an adversaries’ primary target. Hence, your network needs a thoughtful protection. Even the data being shared with your friends is vulnerable when sending it on the Internet as it’s a public ‘place’, where it is hard to stay... Read more
October 31/2016
Just as it has been recently stated, Germany has legalized Internet surveillance for the secret services. The permissions of the intelligence agency BDN have been enhanced and today anyone can be watched out for by the security officials. The possibilities of the agency have been increased after... Read more
October 30/2016
Technologies developers never fail to amaze us, now when shopping through the Facebook messenger you can use PayPal. It has also been stated that a customer’s two accounts can be easily matched together to simplify the operation. The system is known to have been tested with the help of some other... Read more