Blacklist check

Blacklisting companies do great jobs with eliminating viruses, spammers, scammers and hackers from the internet, but it can be tough when your organization is suddenly blacklisted when you don’t even know what you have done to get there. When your computer IP or domain has been blacklisted, you won’t know directly because no one is going to send you a notification. You will only be experiencing certain difficulties with emails that won’t go to certain addresses or your emails could be flared as spam the moment you send them out. This can greatly affect your productivity since most of your customers probably won’t receive emails from you.

What is an IP Blacklist?

Blacklisting is also known as Real Time Blacklists and is basically a list of IP addresses and domain names that are blocked by blacklisting companies. There are tons of blacklisting companies out there and they can blacklist you for different reasons. The main reason you might get on the blacklist is because one of these blacklisting companies have received a warning from someone that you are sending spam emails, scamming people through email or sending viruses. Blacklisting companies can be terrible for honest business, but they are essential for eliminating spammers, viruses and hackers from the internet.

Find out if you have been IP blacklisted

The biggest sign of blacklisting is that your customers are complaining about emails that they haven’t received even if you did send them. This is horrid for business because the blacklisting has already created distrust between you and your client. If you think that you have been blacklisted then you can look yourself up through the websites where they provide a free blacklist lookup tool that allows you to search your IP address or domain name to see if blacklisting is the reason why you are having difficulties with sending emails.

How to get off the blacklist?

Blacklist lookup sites have steps that can help you. They have technicians who can eliminate the blacklist issues and help you find out what caused the Blacklisting in the first place. They also help secure you against future Blacklisting. Alternatively, you can also apply for email service through these blacklist lookup sites where you will never have to worry about being blacklisted ever again. This is a perfect solution for large organizations that are constantly sending out promotional emails to their clients.