Anonymous Web Browsing: Tools, Tips and Recommendations for 2018


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​We can barely imagine our life without the Internet nowadaysWe can barely imagine our life without the Internet nowadays. Every minute thousands of people find and share information of various types when surfing the Net. However, we usually leave traces while using the Internet for our own purposes.

Here is the deal

When we connect to a website, our computer is identified by means of our IP address. With the help of this address, our anonymity can be easily disclosed. Moreover, cookies can be used to customize the browsers. It means they are available for selling our email addresses and browsing habits. Undoubtedly, it is crucial to know how we can make our data anonymized and not to fall victims on the Internet.

You might be wondering

What measurescan we take to ensure anonymous surfing?

The best way to make the Internet connection safer and more secure is to use an intermediary server that would "sit" between your computer and the site you are going to visit.This can be achieved either by using a proxy server or a reliable VPN.Both VPN and proxy servers can be free or paid.

What is a proxy server?

In simple terms, a proxy is a mediator that provides confidential data exchange between a device and a server. It hides your data and IP address, thereby making your online activity safer. In addition, the indirect connection affords you to bypass any locking imposed by your provider.

Proxy servers provide only relative anonymity on the Internet!

Unfortunately, the interested parties will be able to track you through special equipment and. However, using a proxy, you can access many blocked sites and hide your IP from them.

The main types of anonymous proxy servers:

CGI is a simple proxy for web surfing. Unlike other proxies, this type does not require any settings: you visit a certain page, enter the desired URL - and the proxy uses this address in a browser. At the same time, CGI often displays pages incorrectly and works only within an opened tab, which is not always convenient.

HTTP is a proxy, designed to work with Hypertext Transfer Protocol. If you connect to such a proxy in the operating system settings, it will be active immediately for all browsers, until you disconnect it.

SHTTPis a proxy with SSL encryption support. It allows you to view protected sites (their addresses start with https).

SOCKS4 andSOCKS5 support additional data transfer protocols. It may be necessary if you want to set up a proxy not only for the browser but also for individual apps.

How can you actually use a proxy?

Such anonymizers as CGI-proxies are available for free and without any settings on the following websites: Hidester,, ProxySite.

But to use a proxy of any other type, you must first bind it to your device. To do this, it is enough to find the IP address and port of the proxy server, and then enter this data in the operating system settings.

You can find proxy lists on such sites as, FoxTools and FineProxy. Many servers are available for free, some of them can be slow or even completely nonworking.  If you don`t want to waste time, pay for a high-quality and stable proxy.

When you select a proxy from the list, pay attention to such option as "Anonymity". The higher it is, the better for your safety!

Virtual Private Network: what is it and how does it operate?

  1. First, it changes your IP address to another one, as if you have connected to the Internet from another country. Thus you can easily avoid censorship.
  2. The second, but not the least significant point is that VPN encrypts your data.
  3. In the sum of these two points, you become anonymous on the Internet.

In general, VPN is considered as more reliable anonymizer then a proxy, as it doesn`t encrypt your data.

How to choose a reliable VPN?

As we have already mentioned, you can choose either a free VPN or a paid one. It is up to you, of course. But here we`d like to focus on some of the best VPNs in 2018 in comparison.

You will have to pay with low speeds, obtrusive advertising or a dubious private policy when using a free VPN.

The best VPN service in August 2018

While looking for a VPN, pay attention to the following factors:

  • download, upload speed and ping;
  • amount of servers worldwide;
  • countries where these servers are located;
  • protocols which VPN uses;
  • and of course, don`t forget to examine a privacy policy of a VPN in details! 

Here is a list of the best VPNs in 2018:

1. Express VPN

Is a service with a simple interface. Moreover, it has more than 145 servers all over the world. The average speed limit is 11.88 Mbit /s. It is two, if not three times higher than the speed of other VPN services. This is your best alternative if you are going to watch videos online or download torrent files.

Express VPN

2. IP Vanish

Is an easy to use VPN, that doesn`t save logs. It is quite fast and compatible with any mobile device. Moreover, it has the ability to use up to 5 devices simultaneously. It has a money back guarantee within 7 days.

IP Vanish

3. VyprVPN

Supports not only 256-bit OpenVPNencryption but also the PPTP and L2TP / IPsec protocols.

In addition, there is a function of protecting against DNS leaks, for which you do not need to have any special knowledge. You can choose from 700 servers situated in more than 70 different locations.


Conclusion: what is better a proxy or a VPN server?

As we can see, both a proxy and a VPN can make our Internet activity safer. The right choice depends on what you want to do on the Internet: watch videos, play games online or anonymously browse sites.

The truth is

  • The capacity of proxy services are restricted, free services of this kind are not always safe.
  • The only cause you can choose a proxy instead of VPN is your reluctance to pay for privacy.
  • It can cost you just a couple of dollars per month to pay for a reliable IP anonymizer.
  • VPNs encrypt our data and hide our IP.
  • With the help of VPN-services, you can bypass the access of speed limits, as well as blocked access to certain sites.

As we see, VPNs are more reliable and safe than proxy servers. Proxies are good for temporary (slow and insecure) excess to a blocked website or for playing solitary games on an international server.

Good luck and stay safe while browsing the Net!